VENUES of the Spring 2018 FNFVF!

We are pleased to announce the Spring FNFVF at various venues across Chicago:

Wednesday, May 2: Comfort Station, 7:30pm

Thursday, May 3: Mitchell Museum, 6pm

Friday, May 4: DePaul University CDM, 4:00pm

Saturday, May 5: Citlalin Gallery, 3p,
Northwestern University, 7pm

Sunday, May 6: School of the Art Institute (tentative)

Monday, May 7:American Indian Center, 7pm

Tuesday, May 8: Wilson Abbey, 7pm

Wednesday, May 9: Beverly Arts Center, 7:30pm

Thursday May 10: Lozano Branch Library 5:30pm

Stay tuned for the list of films!

We hope are are able to join us! Thank you for your years of support!