The Spring 2022 FNFVF continues with another online program. The program begins at 7:00pm. Tonight’s films include:

Tz’üntz’ü, DIRECTED BY Salvador Martínez Chacruna & Pablo Fulgueira (Ñhañhu AKA “Otomi” people)
A portrait of the Singing Bird People. The Hñahñú or Otomi sing all throughout their lives. Dreams and landscapes are the source for their inspiration and health.


A SCHOOL CALLED AMERICA, directed by Pablo Mardones Charlone, Antonia Mardones Marshall, Maria Paz Espinoza Peña (Aymaras, Venezuelan, Afro)
Joaquín, Deyna, Ricardo and Dilan have something in common. They are all children who live in Arica and study at Escuela América, a public school that houses many foreigners. Through a choral story, they express what it meant to leave their countries, how they feel in Chile, and particularly in Arica, about discrimination against migrants and how they have integrated. They tell us about the wishes and desires and the opportunities and challenges that come from another country means. As they talk and meet in different parts of the city, they question their own childhood, looking for ways that will lead them to wonder about their own lives.

The Rise and Return of the Sacred Divine Feminine: The Declaration, directed by Maluk Anuki McKinley (Yamassee / Blackfoot/ Lenape)
This inspiring, empowering, and uplifting presentation is an embodiment of sacred energy, balance, the sacred remembrance of our ancient way of life and the true role and contribution that the sacred divine feminine brings to the world. Peace and Love.


Join us tonight in viewing these films. You can GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE. For those who got their tickets for prior programs, you can still use those to view with us. All FNFVF Programs are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Our next two programs are also online programs which take place Saturday, May 7 at 3:00pm and 7:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!