The Spring 2022 FNFVF continues with another in-person program at the Bezazian Library in Uptown. The program begins at 2:30pm. Daylight program includes another new feature film:

Something Inside Is Broken
Directed by Jack Kohler (Hoopa Tribal Member)
This Native American Music Award winning pre-gold rush era rock opera, based on actual historical events, focuses on the untold story of how Natives were slaves under Johann Sutter’s Mexican reign. Slave hunters scoured Northern California to supply Sutter with young native girls and boys. Captain Fremont and Kit Carson massacred hundreds of natives prior to the Bear Flag Revolt and the Mexican American war. With relevant modern themes and dehumanizing media practices, this conflict is cleverly woven into our dark American history. The crazed ambition for gold, the objectification of women, the disregard for minority groups, the inhumane treatment of vulnerable populations and the constant destruction of our planet’s resources are all alluded to. The musical aspect makes the story easier to digest through catchy, witty songs and often inappropriate phrases. There’s plenty of room for elbow poking laughs. The story speaks from a human level, and is told with just the right balance of truth and honesty, hilarity, satire, and optimism for an improved world. “Sticking it to the man” is an age-old rock opera mantra, but this show doesn’t hold back any punches delivering a Muhammed Ali punch to the soul. The orchestration is underscored by electric guitar riffs, hip hop beats, and bold genre-mixing innovations. The native Nisenan language is present in over half of the 28 songs and arrangements. This musical is described as a “transformational experience” a “ceremony’ . . . a ‘Native American Hamilton .’

The second program of the day is an online program that begins at 7:00pm with the following film:

Ñuu Kanda
Directed by Nicolás Rojas Sánchez (Mixtec)
We are Nivi Savi, People of the Rain, Mixtecs; a people that disperses like the clouds and returns to our lands to cherish the memory of our ancestors.

Directed by Jaime Bernardo Diaz Diaz (Mapuche)
Ngen is a documentary that, through a contemplative and dreamlike journey, shows us the world of Rosa, a Mapuche machi from the town of Fin Fin Boroa, Araucanía Region. Through her story and the observation of her environment, she brings us closer to the deep relationship that exists between her, medicine and non-human beings called Ngen, owners of nature. The short film addresses the life-destruction dichotomy, a constant in the capital-life conflict, showing us another side of the consequences of the impact of the forestry industry in the territory of the wallmapu and that affects the Mapuche communities not only in the ecological dimension but also cultural and ontological.

CANCHIRA, la huella del Comechingón
Directed by Diego Julio Ludueña & Diego Julio (Comechingón)
Canchira, the footprint of the Comechingón is a documentary that tells the current situation of the original peoples of Córdoba and their historical claims, based on testimonies from members of some Comechingona communities of the Province. In Canchira, the footprint of Comechingón, the camera accompanies the protagonists in talks and community spaces in which the history of this town is reconstructed and its existence is continuously claimed from ancient times to the present. The landscape of the city and the mountain landscape become the scene of a story that opposes the official memory of these communities that, organized and struggling, dispute their place in today’s society. In the first person, members of the Comechingona communities of La Toma –from the city of Córdoba–, Timoteo Reyna and Chavascate –both from Villa Cerro Azul–, and Las Palmas –from the Paraje Santa Teresita Sierra de Pocho– put into words the marks that the policy of invisibility of the State left in their family histories and in the possibility of assuming their identity as natives without stigma. The documentary also portrays the current debates based on the struggle for territory and accompanies the protagonists in different instances where the sense of identity and land is disputed.


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Our final program is also an online program that take places Tuesday, May 10 at 7:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!



The Spring 2022 FNFVF continues with another online program. The program begins at 3:00pm. Daylight program films include:


Koo (Serpent) directed by Nicolás Rojas Sánchez (Mixtec)
The date 11 death (Year 10 flint), 9 Serpent ‘Eagle Fire’ entered to the temazcal determined to fulfill his last assignment.


The Peace Pipeline, directed by Gitz Crazyboy, Tito Ybarra & Keil Orion Troisi (Dene, Blackfoot / Cree)
Comedians and activists Gitz Crazyboy and Tito Ybarra pose as a indigenous energy company sharing plans to reroute Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline through the wealthy white suburbs of Duluth, MN, to more fairly share the risks oil pipelines bring to indigenous lands—with shocking and hilarious results.


HipBeat, directed by Samuel Kay Forrest (Cherokee)
A young political activist embarks on a journey of self-discovery while searching for love and anarchy within Berlin’s colourful queer community.


The second online program begins at 7:00pm with the following film:

Systemic Injustice, directed by Brad Gerard Gallant (Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation)
Indigenous Mascots are a celebration of North American Indigenous genocide. The persistence of Indigenous Mascots indicates that both Canada and the US are unwilling to come to terms with the criminal actions of their past, the tenuous nature of human rights, and the threat of white supremacy to democracy. Through the documentary and the perspective of my activism, I am trying to understand the forces that allow Indigenous Mascots to persist and the damage caused by mainstream sport racism.

For more info on this film, follow Brad Gallent’s Twitter: @bradggallant

Join us tonight in viewing these films. You can GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE. For those who got their tickets for prior programs, you can still use those to view with us. Our next two program programs which take place Sunday, May 8 with a in-person program at the Bezazian Branch Library stating at 2:30pm and an online program at 7:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!



The Spring 2022 FNFVF continues with another online program. The program begins at 7:00pm. Tonight’s films include:

Tz’üntz’ü, DIRECTED BY Salvador Martínez Chacruna & Pablo Fulgueira (Ñhañhu AKA “Otomi” people)
A portrait of the Singing Bird People. The Hñahñú or Otomi sing all throughout their lives. Dreams and landscapes are the source for their inspiration and health.


A SCHOOL CALLED AMERICA, directed by Pablo Mardones Charlone, Antonia Mardones Marshall, Maria Paz Espinoza Peña (Aymaras, Venezuelan, Afro)
Joaquín, Deyna, Ricardo and Dilan have something in common. They are all children who live in Arica and study at Escuela América, a public school that houses many foreigners. Through a choral story, they express what it meant to leave their countries, how they feel in Chile, and particularly in Arica, about discrimination against migrants and how they have integrated. They tell us about the wishes and desires and the opportunities and challenges that come from another country means. As they talk and meet in different parts of the city, they question their own childhood, looking for ways that will lead them to wonder about their own lives.

The Rise and Return of the Sacred Divine Feminine: The Declaration, directed by Maluk Anuki McKinley (Yamassee / Blackfoot/ Lenape)
This inspiring, empowering, and uplifting presentation is an embodiment of sacred energy, balance, the sacred remembrance of our ancient way of life and the true role and contribution that the sacred divine feminine brings to the world. Peace and Love.


Join us tonight in viewing these films. You can GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE. For those who got their tickets for prior programs, you can still use those to view with us. All FNFVF Programs are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Our next two programs are also online programs which take place Saturday, May 7 at 3:00pm and 7:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!