VENUES of the Spring 2018 FNFVF!

We are pleased to announce the Spring FNFVF at various venues across Chicago:

Wednesday, May 2: Comfort Station, 7:30pm

Thursday, May 3: Mitchell Museum, 6pm

Friday, May 4: DePaul University CDM, 4:00pm

Saturday, May 5: Citlalin Gallery, 3p,
Northwestern University, 7pm

Sunday, May 6: School of the Art Institute (tentative)

Monday, May 7:American Indian Center, 7pm

Tuesday, May 8: Wilson Abbey, 7pm

Wednesday, May 9: Beverly Arts Center, 7:30pm

Thursday May 10: Lozano Branch Library 5:30pm

Stay tuned for the list of films!

We hope are are able to join us! Thank you for your years of support!

FNFVF INC Readies Spring 2018 Festival

Native American first-voice and self-representation has been an on-going issue in many arenas of society. None, so deeply ingrained than film, where the image of Native peoples has been the subject of much controversy on past years. To promote a better representation, the First Nations Film and Video Festival has been at the forefront of promoting films by Native American Directors from the US, Canada Central and South America, and Mexico.

The First Nations Film and Video Festival Inc’s Call for Entries for the Spring 2018 season is open and the deadline is FEBRUARY 17, 2018. You can get an application on the FNFVF website or via FilmFreeway at this link:

The Spring festival runs May 1st through the 10th at various venues across Chicago and beyond. Last fall the FNFVF hosted events in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Columbus, Missouri. It also host events at the Music Box Theater and the Gene Siskel Film Center. The festival continues to grow with submissions increasing festival to festival.

For more information, contact FNFVF Inc at, or visit their Facebook Page. We look forward to having another great festival. Thanks are owed to the FNFVF Board , the venues for their unstinting support, and all the Native American filmmakers making their voice heard. The First Nations Film and Video Festival is ready to put your works on screen!

With Great Thanks (Spring 2017)

The Spring 2017 First Nations Film and Video once again closes out its events for the year. It has been another great festival. Mainly because of the great venues that stepped up and helped us bring Native American Cinema to the audiences of Chicago and beyond.

We opened at the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the historic Chicago Cultural Center. The FNFVF had screen there before back in 1999 and we were hoping to get back there again. We screened there two days, offering our featured films and our short films program. We have to thank Beckie Stochetti for helping us get back there. We also need to thank the projectionists for both days, Eric and Ryan, and staff member Shannon for being so welcoming.

Next, FNFVF returned to the University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We screened our featured films in the Student Center Cinema, a large and beautiful venue. We need to thank Laura Khoury and the CAH Center for Ethnic Studies, as well as Fay Akindes for always supporting FNFVF throughout the years. A huge thank you to projectionist Robin for his efforts.

We then held an event at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian where we have had some fantastic crowds. Thanks to Kathleen McDonald for hosting us, as well as Scarlet and Melinda for their assistance.

We also returned to the College of Computing and Digital Media at the Loop Campus of DePaul University. We had a great turnout for the films there! All thanks go greatly to Anthony Chung for all of his efforts and support these past years. It is growing there.

Then we were back at the School of the Arts Institute, screening in the MacLean Building. We need to thank Ana and the Indigenous@SAIC Group for their putting on the festival. Another fantastic turnout for filmmaker Jospeh Erb (Water is Life) who made the trip to attend the festival and give his support to our shared cause.

We then hosted another program at the Latino Cultural Center at UIC, with thanks to Cynthia Soto and the Native American Student Organization for helping us put up the films.

Then, we closed out the spring FNFVF at the Beverly Arts Center, while opening their Summer Film Series! Many, many thanks are due to Jonathan Moeller, who went above and beyond prepping the BAC for our event, including shooting a promo video!

Thanks also go out to the board members who ventured out and made it to the events. It is a great reflection on you and of your dedication. A heartfelt thanks in particular go to Board Member Don Nole, for his efforts at our printed programs that we handed out at the events. Thanks Don!

Thanks are due to all the filmmakers: Jeff Barnaby and Monteray Media, for their allowing us to screen “Rhymes for Young Ghouls”, to Nadine Arpin for her excellent “Jane & the Wolf”, to Joseph Erb for his “Water is Life”, to Rob Fatal for his well-received and excellent “Mi Familia 2”, Howard Adler & Charlotte Hoelke Anishinaabe, to Steven Davies, Narsiesse Paul, Roger Slagle, Conor McNally, Terry Jones & Govind Deecee, Jeremy Dennis, Charles Bicalho and Isael Maxakali, Razelle Benally, and Dane Whiteman for submitting their films and making their voices heard here in Chicago.

Lastly, this has been a great festival overall, and great thanks go to all the patrons who attended the events. To paraphrase Joseph Erb, you are continuing the circle of storytelling by seeing these Native stories unfold on the screen and through these film, we hope you capture a glimpse of the Native American experience that we work hard to reclaim and promote.

We now begin on the Fall 2017 First Nations Film and Video Festival. We hope to see all of you there once again.

With respect,

Ernest M Whiteman III
Director, FNFVF Inc.