Summer 2020 Films

SUMMER 2020 Films

Essence of Goodness: The Harold Axtell Story
Documentary film on the life of Dr. Harold Axtell, raised in an abusive family he went on to play trombone in the Isle O’Blues Orchestra and tour the world. When the music ended, Harold got his BA and Ph.D at Cornell University and went on to become one of the leading Naturalists/Ornithologists in North America. The legacy he left behind of memories, letters, diaries, notes and photos reveal a man of great philosophy, depth and a passion for life.

The Offspring
The Offspring is an experimental documentary that portrays Peruvian culture and its connection with the cosmos from a mythological, artistic and photographic perspective where the colors and shapes offered by Ayahuasca are taken on the screen. In the documentary a girl portrayed in a painting tells the story of the Andean spirit called “the offspring” who seeks her destiny in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

A dozen groups of the Lakite musical genre of Aymara origin inhabitants of the Tarapac√° Region (northern Chile), mainly from the cities, reflect what it means to interpret and be carriers of this music. Through a musical story we know when and how they began to play, what is their link with the origin, which represents playing at the Easter of the Blacks of the town of La Tirana, the main stage of Lakite practice, where they meet each year. The idea is to reflect how the Lakites live, feel and develop this vernacular art in their daily lives and in what ways they represent in an immaterial legacy of a genre typical of the region that today, spread in other latitudes, is presented as a musical label of Tarapac√°.

You Love Who You Love
A tragic love story about a relationship trying to overcome the distractions and obstacles of a fast life on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

This Bright Flash
“World War III has just started. Adam, a gay man on the verge of divorce must make it back to his soon to be husband, Craig, to reconcile and evacuate before the hydrogen bomb reaches Seattle.”

Biskawbiyung: The Return
A broken history that has torn Anishinaabe families from their sacred objects is healed through the repatriation of sacred objects, and the determination of the indigenous people to return to their traditional knowledge to carry it into the future.

The Incredible Brown NDN
An ordinary Joe decides to become the world’s first Native American superhero.

Hanan Hurin
“Meeting with the vortex
Fragments of the whole
Howl of Being”

A Native American family confronts the harsh reality of being split apart from their daughters.

“In Jord√£o, Spina creates a multilayered portrait of the Jordan River which might not be the longest river in the world but probably symbolically the most important one. A fluid monument that erects and topples ideas, a place where economy, tourism, religion, geo-politics and national identity collide, shape themselves in the form of water. Tackling its multiple aspects as well as its materiality, its interpretation of nature as well as its usage for the perpetuation of colonial projects While mixing satellite, archive and contemporary images the film exposes gradually how the Jordan is and was shaped through the centuries, its usages for constructing identities and believes. It exposes how it is slowly despairing either by censoring physical and visual access to it or by the endless withdraw of water. While assembling different voices and languages together with ancient and contemporary facts the narrations gives glances on what is and was this liquid monument.”

Brown Bodies in a Far Sea
After hearing about an incoming hurricane, a young girl makes preparations to defend her home.

“A millenial tree that once birthed Yosonuviko, the village of the clouds, comes back into collective memory to the locals through the ancient language of rain, Sa’an Savi, to remind the of their feeble human condition among nature’s immensity. Metaphor of life through time, that reminds us of the importance of coexistence with nature.”

Cultural Disintegration
A call to look at what we are and what we should not stop being through a socio-cultural approach, a call to cultural preservation in an intelligent and dynamic way.

This Ink Runs Deep
This Ink Runs Deep features indigenous tattoo artists from across Canada who are reviving ancestral traditions that disappeared during colonization. Through the film, we learn about the practices that were thought to be lost forever, and how their revival reflects a reawakening of indigenous identity.

Kii Nche Ndutsa (Time and the Seashell)
A young Indigenous boy imagines his future while listening to the sounds of a seashell, while an Indigenous man recalls his past listening to the same shell. The man remembers listening to birds and looking at fireflies in his childhood, but these are no longer there. The short film is invites an audience to consider past, present and future of a changing landscape and vanishing biodiversity.

Older Than The Crown
“Older Than The Crown follows the trial of Sinixt tribal member Rick Desautel who in 2010 was charged with hunting as a non resident and without a proper permit in Canada. Rick harvested an elk on the ancestral land of the Sinixt people in Vallican British Columbia Canada. To the Sinixt, hunting on ancestral land is an aboriginal right gifted to them by Creator. A right that has legally been denied to the Sinixt people since 1956 when the Canadian government unjustly declared them extinct in Canada, despite the nearly 3,000 members existing on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. Now with the Desautel Hunting Case, the Sinixt people have a chance to not only bring light to their unjust extinction by the Canadian government, but also abolish the declaration completely. Older Than The Crown follows Rick Desautel, a Sinixt ceremonial hunter who in 2010, killed and harvested an elk in Sinixt territory in Canada. Rick then called Canadian enforcement on himself in hopes to be cited for hunting in Canada as a non resident. By doing this, Rick forced the Canadian government into court to prove Rick and the Sinixt people do not exist. ”

Harvey Marcus
An angry owner dumps a plant-loving cement truck that breaks down then saved by a wise tree’s light message.

“After being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, Claire turns to the occult to save her own life. Verto serves as the prelude to a feature film that will explore themes of friendship, death, the occult and LGBTQ romance. ”

The Red Marsh
An isolated fisherman’s latent grief resurfaces when desperation causes him to look elsewhere for food.

Not in the Dark
A group of friends headed out for spring break get lost in the woods. During their hurried search as the sun begins to set, they find themselves being stalker by a killer in the night.

Here is the listing of films screening at the online FNFVF 2020 Summer Program:

Program 1: 7-9pm Tue 8/18
Tuyuku 0:17:15
Verto 0:17:12
Essense of Goodness 0:25:27
The Offspring 0:52:03
Total Program Runtime: 1:51:57

Program 2: 7-9pm Wed 8/19
Cultural Disintegration 0:10:50
Hanan Hunan 0:15:35
Jordão 0:25:08
Kii Nche Ndutsa 0:15:10
Lakitas 0:51:06
Total Program Runtime: 1:57:49

Program 3: 7-9pm Thu 8/20
Biskawbiyung-The Return 0:15:56
Brown Bodies in a Far Sea 0:07:25
Harvey Marcus 0:03:57
Not In the Dark 1:31:25
Total Program Rumtime: 1:58:43

Program 4 7-9pm Fri 8/21
This Bright Flash 0:08:17
This Ink Runs Deep 0:16:26
The Red Marsh 0:12:20
Older Than the Crown 0:30:34
Douk 0:16:31
You Love Who You Love 0:11:48
The Incredible Brown NDN 0:09:47
Total Program Runtime: 1:45:43