Spring 2021 Films

The Spring 2021 First Nations Film and Video Festival will take place online May 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 9, 2021 stating at 7:00pm (CST) each night.

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The Blue Butterflies Path
“The Blue Butterflies Path” is a contemporary fable in which a maned wolf cub awakens to life in the Brazilian wild plains and goes into a contemplative journey to find the true meaning of love. Among the brutality of a doomed world, a symbolic battle between altruism and selfishness is waged by animals at risk of extinction.
11:57 Vini Wolf South America ( Brazil ) / Avá-Canoeiro tribe heritage ( Grand-mother )

At the Brink: A Personal Look at Suicides Over Niagara Falls
At the Brink: A Personal Look at Suicides Over Niagara Falls is a look at the powerful draw of Niagara Falls and depression. It relates the story of Robert Billings and Michael Clarkson, their connection to the Falls and poetry. As well, it covers the lives of others drawn to it’s mystery and power who succumbed to the Falls while suffering from depression and mental health issues. 00:29:18 Christoper Darton Métis

Angie: Tales of Determination
‘Angie: Tales of Determination’ follows the life of Angie Sandow; born with multiple congenital birth defects, the most noticeable being her right arm and hand; she overcame adversity and as a result of the word “can’t” not being in her vocabulary, has accomplished a variety of things including playing lead guitar in her AC/DC Tribute band Bare Rump. Not one to hide her limb difference, Angie now is the lead singer in her classic rock band Lefty and the Goons. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and completing all treatment, Angie decided to live out her dream to start riding her own motorcycles. Angie is a force. Overcoming everything that stands in her way and exuding a personality and propensity to help others by sharing her story. Embraced by the motorcycle community, riding changed Angie’s life introducing her to a whole “new family,” one who accepted her based solely on who she is.
32:31 Christopher Darton Métis

Quick Suitors
In the not-too-distant future, we’ve screwed the pooch. Earth is a wasteland and most of all life has been wiped out. All that remains of humanity are two lonely guys and one girl. So load your weapons and comb your hair! It’s datin’ time! First Nations writer/director Tom Tennisco takes you on an action-packed ride through the apocalypse in this ultra low-budget short comedy featuring over 300 visual effects shots all done by one insanely passionate filmmaker!
14:09 Tom Tennisco Algonquins of Pikwakanagan

Brothers in Law
A lazy cop and his overeager ride-along are the only defense against a criminal organization cropping up in their small town. Before they know it, they become targeted themselves.
9:45 Tom Tennisco Algonquins of Pikwakanagan

Our Changing Worlds
An investigative documentary featuring Zoom interviews online with four Indigenous cultural ambassadors and scholars.
8:56 Steven Thomas Davies Snuneymuxw / Coast Salish

Looking Glass
After his father was murdered Benjamin Looking Glass II, a young Native American man, builds a time machine using modern science and ancient knowledge in attempt to bring his father back but ultimately discovers his true purpose in creation.
20:00 Ginew Benton Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Government

Sage Me Not
A couple moves into old Indian territory and are tormented by a malicious spirit
11:35 erik sanchez Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe

Seeds Of Struggle
The peasant communities of the province of Esmeraldas, on the northern Ecuadorian coast, work for miserable wages for a landowner who imposes his own law, turning workers into “debtors”. When the farmers cannot pay, and the debt grows, the landowner uses his strength to force them to hand over his farm in exchange for paying off the debt. To survive, the farmers sow banana to sell to a corrupt businessman who has made his monopoly of this business and for which he pays a misery. Tired of the injustices, the peasants unite, paralyze the sale of bananas and intend to recover the land usurped by the landowner. The rebellion is so strong that it changes the course of their lives forever and opens the way to their own destiny.
1:16:48 KVRVF NAWEL Mapuche

Based on a narrative text by the writer Javier Milanca in the shape of Llellipun (Mapuche prayer), whose trematic addresses a vision of Jesus Christ within the political-social contingency; Likewise, it evokes the clash of world views and beliefs calling for Jesus to take down from his Calvary and place him in the current struggle of the Mapuche nation.
5:40 Victor Hugo Gutierrez Astete Mapuche

A short film on the subject of Indigenous Love. What is (romantic) love? And what does it mean to you? 8 couples share their thoughts.
9:40 Nathan Adler, Howard Adler Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation, Ojibwe

Waking up after thousands of years of being encased in ice, the voice of a creature is heard, emerging to find that the world is a much different place, although some things remain the same, he is hungry, and he is still an Apex predator, at the top of the food chain. The soundtrack is composed of samples of audio from the largest mass calving event in recorded history (when arctic ice melts and collapses into the ocean). There’s a new monster in town.
2:33 Nathan Adler Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation, Ojibwe

Tangled Roots
An exploration of the blockades induced by intergenerational trauma and the missing links between past and future selves due to colonization.
5:10 Cody Rooney, Samantha Brown anishinaabe

what does it take to be happy? A man is in search of happiness when he is confronted by a stranger who is offering just that in the form of a package. Can happiness really come in packages?? In this new short film Director Jack Belhumeur challenges the nature of happiness.
6:20 Jack Belhumeur metis / cree

With Love
A short film that explores feelings of self-doubt, fear of the future, and a reflection on 2020.
3:28 Mily Patton Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Salmon Hunter
Salmon Hunter reenactment based on true story #screenwriter​, #Director​, #Editor​, #Actor​, #DP​ Michael A. Piña. @michaelpinacomedy Music “Las Calificaciones” by Andrés Cárdenas Castellanos @michaelpinacomedy shot this in all with no help. #drama​ #filmmaking​ #producer​ #director​ #actor​ #dp​ #asufilm​ #asualumni​ #asu
1:05 Michael Pina Mexican Mayan

The Future
Leopoldo comes back to his hometown after a chance encounter with a woman he loved 25 years ago. At the same time Esteban, his teenage son, takes a trip to the beach with some of his classmates, trying to fit in a hostile group. Both men will have to face themselves to get what they think will make them happy.
1:03:58 Kevin Guzmán Linares P’urhépecha

Urbano Sertão
A daydream about living between rural and urban areas, overlaps between these experiences and the discovery that perhaps there is no such concrete dissociation about this in the Pernambuco hinterland. The film interacts improvised poetry, images and sound to pass this vision between dream, imagination and reality.
15:00 João Victor Torres, Agamenom Porfirio, João Gabriel Bento Karirí, Brasil, South América

The Incredible Brown NDN 2: Brown and Down
In episode 2, after choosing to become the world’s first Native American superhero, an average Joe tries to discover his superhero powers and comes to the harsh reality that being a real-life superhero has some real-life consequences.
20:01 Rodrick Pocowatchit, Matthew Rasico, Kelcy Yadon Comanche

Young descendants of blacks, Japanese, Indigenous and Jewish, talk about how difficult it is to be effeminate in a macho world even in the LGBTQI environment where there is a certain requirement to be discreet in order to be able to relate affectively and have a good coexistence in society in general. When parading around in women’s costumes they show that being feminine is not being inferior. Affirmation in makeup indicates difficult moments and others of pride for ethnicities: The pink triangle of the Nazi era, indigenous war circles, afro tribal painting and geisha lips. With their statements they believe they are fighting for their human rights which are all basic rights and freedoms, which must be guaranteed to all citizens.

The Trigger’s Edge
Max, a private detective in decline and addicted to gambling, looks for suspects who may be responsible for the murder of a man who also had gambling addictions.
12:46 Lucas Martins South American – Tikuna tribe

Fôlego Vivo (Breath Alive)
An indigenous community of the Kariri people, located in the Chapada do Araripe (rural area of Brazil), reflects about water: indigenous myth of recreation of the world together with the waters against the capitalist developmental myth of water control and human and non-human bodies inhabiting the San Francisco River.
25:00 Associação dos Índios Cariris do Poço Dantas Kariri

A bizarre and mysterious nightmare, fragmented into three acts.
12:38 Kendrick Whiteman Northern Arapaho/Turtle Mountain Ojibwe

Graciela is a peasant who leads a solitary life at home. One day, she receives a letter informing her that her husband Fidel has been released after six years in prison. She has waited for him all along. They finally meet again. Fidel is very sorry and wants to rebuild his life with his wife; To achieve this, he will be forced to evoke the event that led him to prison, reopening the wounds that have not yet healed in Graciela.
11:45 Franco Acosta Romero Tarahumara. North Mexico

Anchors in the Rhody
Jay, aka “Osylum”, is a Black man born and raised in Providence Rhode Island (also known as Lil Rhody). He sought out to help his friend “Blaze” in corrupted street affairs. When his friend skips town to get away from all the chaos, Jay ends up taking on the load of it all. That’s when things spiral out of control in Lil Rhody.
1:47:58 Canden Robinson, Ellis A Penn Narragansett Indian Tribe/Tribal Roll Number 1809

The Ville 1
A reenactment of true events that occurred in the mid ’90’s’ in Providence R.I. Names and situations have been changed to protect the innocent. Based on True Events.
17:31 Canden Robinson, Ellis A Penn Narragansett Indian Tribe/Tribal Roll Number 1809

Roots of Lacrosse
Many lacrosse players and coaches often don’t know that the origins of the game of lacrosse has it’s roots in North American Indigenous nations.This short documentary provides a brief history of the sacred and cultural aspects of this sport, originally played for the Creator, as well as for the health and welfare of the people. The movie also defines the three types of North American, Indigenous lacrosse: Iroquois, Great Lakes, and Southeastern.
23:34 Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams, Joanne Storkan Iroquois- Mohawk

Inniun ueshkat mak anutshish
A conversation between a mother and her daughter; memories of passing from the hut to the house.
4:55 Mary Menie Mark Innu

Inuit languages in the 21st century
Ulivia explores what is accessible via the Internet in terms of Inuktitut. A tongue complex that includes several dialects and which varies from one generation to another. Inuktitut is threatened by dominant languages, are there solutions for these technologies are allies and not enemies?
9:16 Ulivia Uviluk Inuit

The Hands of an Elder
The importance of Cree culture in an ever-changing world.
4:50 Dinah Sam Cree

Red Road
Wayne Valin-McDougall has rediscovered his traditional culture and it has helped him adopt a healthier lifestyle. He makes regalias in preparation for Pikogan’s annual Pow Wow.
5:24 Wayne Valin-McDougall Anishnabe

Sokinaa’ Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells)
This film is inspired by true events. Through an emotional approach, we discover resiliency through dance.
4:27 Taylor Crowspreadshiswings Stoney-Nakoda | Blood Tribe Blackfoot

Red Sky
In an alternate earth, the apocalypse has wrecked havoc on Tyler’s whole reality.
4:59 Ethan Corston Crie

Coyote’s Canoe
Inspired by the land formation known as Coyote’s Canoe, which is located near Gloria’s home in Splatsin community, this visual story shares the legend of the coyote bringing salmon to the people of the Interior of British Columbia.
4:46 Gloria Morgan Secwepemc

A girl living with her aunt discovers somehing unique that will allow her to reconnect with her mysterious mocom (grandfather) and to harness the power of her ancestors.
6:52 Jacqueline Michel Anishnabe

I’m Fine
A day in the life of a high school student struggling with anxiety.
5:25 Alexander Lameboy Crie

Kassinu (All)
Thanks to the testimony of a man on hunger strike to send a message to leaders on Indigenous land issues, a young woman proud of her Innu heritage illustrates her love for mother earth with images of her own experiences. She wants to raise awareness of environmental and indigenous causes, which for her are deeply linked.
4:27 Uapukun Mestokosho Innu

Notcimik (Where I’m From)
Short experimental film about deforestation.
1:17 Canouk Newashish Atikamekw

The Trip
Mikizi Migona Papatie talks about his reality living in the Anishinaabe community of Kitcisakik and shows us the human side of drug addiction told through the painful and hopeful words of the 27-year-old man.
4:49 Mikizi Migona Papatie , Théo Sohiez, Mathieu Laprise Anishnabe

Free At Last
Kapesh tries to find his way home, despite the cold and fatigue. On his way, he will meet a familiar face, with whom he will continue on his way to his mother.
4:38 Ève Ringuette Innu

About cameras, spirits and occupations
A cinematographic triptych formed by three short films based upon collaboration with indigenous people living in the Brazilian city of Atalaia do Norte and the Javary Valley. Even though the short-films can be understood independently, the three interdependent videos function as short films that echo the shared dilemmas of anthropology and filmmaking. The first short, ‘The Matis’ Ancestral Spirit of Madiwin and the Corn Party’, although seeming to use a tradicional documentary form, was recorded and edited by the indigenous Shapu Meo Matis during a celebration in his village. The second, ‘Healthy politics for who?’ shows the protest lead by the indigenous Kanamari people to denounce and improve their access in the Brazilian healthcare system, lead by a collective authorship of the footage. The last film, ‘Starring a reflexive camera’, offers reflexions on the exercise of anthropology and the act of filming that culminate on the destabilising of ethnographic representations. All three are different approaches towards indigenous media and the role of collaboration in such field – specially when not being necessarily indigenous.
38:00 Lucinho Tavares Kanamari, Markus Enk, Shapu Mëo Matis Kanamari and Matis (Javari Valley region in the Amazon Rainforest)

Twakana Yagan
The Yagan Paiakoala community resides in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. They are the descendants of the first people who inhabited the southernmost islands of our planet for more than 8.000 years. Catalina Yagan is 89 years old. She still remembers how her grandfather Asinawensis sang to her. Victor and Roberto Vargas are her sons. They both start a horse ride, from the indigenous reserve that they currently occupy through the coasts of the Onashaga Canal in search of their ancestral reflection. Twankana means teaching in Yagan and as they travel, the two sons have a connection with the ritual songs of Asinewensis. The Yagan language floats in the air and dances with the harsh nature of the region and the sensibility of an ancestral community that is truly alive.
15:00 Rodrigo Tenuta, Ignacio Leonidas Yagan

The Last Celebration
The patron Saint Festivities is the most important celebration of the year. Esther knows it and has a great hope to attend. Esteban, her husband thinks the opposite. The situation of the past involve a debate in this elderly couple to attend the celebration that can relive their relationship for the last time.
16:00 Adrián Ramos Huicholes, Jalisco,México

Gwendolyn Pierce and McKenzie Jacobs were always inseparable. That is until college and adulting stood in the way. After a year apart and unforeseen circumstances, the two girls reconvene to journey back home. Along the way, Gwen and McKenzie are forced to face their pasts and rebuild the friendship and trust they once had.
58:45 Christopher Marshall (Muscogee Creek)