FALL 2020 Films

Shéár Avory: To Be Continued (6:03)
Shéár Avory: To Be Continued¬†is the coming of age story of Shéár Avory (pronouns: they/them/theirs), a 17 year old aspiring social justice advocate in Los Angeles who navigates housing instability and familial dependency on their journey to adulthood. Shéár depends closely on their mother Amber for continued access to their medical transition, though struggling in her recovery from addiction, she is unable to always offer Shéár the support they need. An observational piece, the film aims to ask, what does coming into adulthood actually look like, for a young Black trans* femme in today‚Äôs America?

Directed by Abram Cerda

Portrait of a Zamboni Driver (10:00)
Growing up in Colombia, Luis España dreamed of a different life. When he married a Cree woman from Canada and returned to her small town, Luis found a sense of place driving the Zamboni at the local ice-rink where hockey is King.

Directed by Nadine Arpin

“A teenager is running late for his curfew. And is informed about another missing girl in the community. While taking the short cut home he is stalked by a paranormal force. The film was shot in Canada, NS, Cape Breton Island, 2020. (Never released) This film is shot on the Iphone XR.

Directed by Dawn Wells

Unboxed: The Art of Action Figure Photography (17:09)
Writer/director Mike J. Marin introduces the art medium of action figure photography in this short documentary.

Directed by Mike J. Marin

Lunchtime Nightmare (3:12)
A husband and wife encounter a troubling sentiment at a restaurant but then choose to believe things will sort themselves out eventually.

Directed by Ester T. Ferman

Haunted Cape Breton Episode 3 (19:26)
A collection of ghost stories around Cape Breton Island. In this 3rd web series, we explore the history and ghostly tales about the Cossit house, It is one of the oldest homes in Sydney, NS. Built in 1787, and previous home of the Reverend Ranni Cossit, and Anglican minister. (Previously released) on You Tube April 20, as part of a Cape Haunts Till Dawn web series. Shot on the Iphone XR.”

Directed by Dawn Wells

They Came On Ships (4:09)
During the naming ceremony of his grandchild, an elder tells a traditional oral story of when the Earth was invaded by the sky people.

Directed by Erik Sanchez

A Short Film About Habits (And Breaking Them) (17:17)
Living in isolation, a woman struggles to break the mold of the daily habits and rituals she has created for herself.

Directed by Lennon Bramlett, Alexandra Swanbeck

The Litterbug (7:15)
Trashing the environment is just another walk in the park for Litterbug Todd. But today, karma’s got a brand new bag.

Directed by Kaden Richmond

The Talk (6:53)
Marcelle has been living a lie and she knows it’s time to finally come out. Her words are bound to blindside her parents, but she’s determined to stay true to herself no matter what. That’s why today, she has…the talk.

Directed by Philip A. Anderson

Stomach of The Earth (13:15)
In an objective landscape of stretching trees and wild nature deep within the Southeast American woods, Stomach of the Earth focuses on two climate refugees surviving separately, with civilization in the rearview mirror. One a nomadic hunter, trudging her way through miles of nature-reclaimed woods, just looking for the next meal. The other, a settled forager who finds comfort in the past ideals of academia, documenting his every thought as the hopeful record of this time for future generations.

Stranded Astronaut Productions, 2020 All Rights Reserved”

Sacred Connections (18:40)
As Snoqualmie People, for time immemorial we have lived, fished, hunted and gathered on and stewarded lands that are now known as Washington state. Almost 100 years after Snoqualmie and others signed the Treaty of Point Elliott of 1855, and promises were left unfulfilled, the federal government claimed Snoqualmie was an unrecognized tribe, abandoning their trust responsibility. For nearly 50 years after, the Snoqualmie Tribe fought for our federal recognition status to be restored which was successfully finalized in 1999. This 18-minute documentary, produced for the 20th Anniversary of our Re-Recognition, chronicles that fight through interviews with Tribal Elders past and present, Spiritual Leaders, and a rising generation of young Snoqualmie tribal members who are carrying forward the teachings of our ancestors.

While honoring the land and natural gifts that have always been the source of life for the People, Sacred Connections tells the story of how the Tribe’s devoted members came together in resistance to injustice and pushed through obstacles at every level of the federal recognition process to re-establish the acknowledgment of our continued existence in the heart of our homelands and usher in a new era of connection with the land and each other.

Our hands go up to all who were involved in Snoqualmie’s historic Re-Recognition effort and in conceptualizing, filming, and producing this film.”

Directed by McKenna Sweet Dorman

Quele Quele (59:12)
In the cultural manifestations of the north of Chile, within the diversity a red-skinned dance attracts attention, it is immediate to wonder why. The motivations tell an incredible story that goes back to the exploitation of saltpeter, its decadence and how image referents generate identity. “El Indio Piel Roja” is built on the imaginary from the western cinema, the adventures of the far west novels or the comic and the world famous Buffalo Bill show. They represented as Indians manifest their spirituality and indigenous identity assimilating the virtues of the American Indian, their wisdom, their connection with nature, their artistic manifestations and rituals to transform them into devotion to the Virgin of Carmen following a tradition of ancestral worship to the pacha mama that the process of syncretism transformed into the Chinita del Carmen de La Tirana.

This documentary, more than telling a story, unfolds in photographing the desert and its beauty, a situation in which the Red Skins manifest spiritually surrounded by elements such as choreography, rituals, dances, music and the transformation of these people when putting on their clothes.

Directed by Pablo Mellado, Marianne Fuentealba

PROGRAM 1: Tue 11.3 7pm
Sacred Connections 18:40
Shear Avory: To Be Continued 26:03
Portrait of a Zamboni Driver 10:00
Lunchtime Nightmare 3:12
A Short Film About Habits (And Breaking Them) 17:17
The Litterbug 7:15
The Talk 6:53

PROGRAM 2: Wed 11.4 7pm
Unboxed: The Art of Action Figure Photography 17:09
Quele Quele 59:12

Program 3: Thu 11.5 7pm
Stomach Of The Earth 13:15
Haunted Cape Breton Episode 3 19:26
They Came On Ships 04:09