Online Panel Discussion Series

“What We Must Never Do is Steal from Ourselves”: Natives Appropriating Natives
This program explores the use of cultural motifs in the making of film. How much do Native filmmakers feel they have to include to insure funding and audiences without giving up the integrity of the cultural information shared. This panel discusses the question: Why is there a ‘cultural cost’ for Natives just to be seen as human being in films?
APRIL 2022

“The Conqueror’s Remorse Part One”: Natives on Non-Native Directors Exploiting Native Grief
The Revisionist Westerns, the Environmentalist Messengers, the Poverty Saints, the Addiction Narratives, the Casino Corrupted, the Vanished, and the exploitation of such tropes.
MAY 2022


“Not N-Word Enough (‘N’ meaning Native)” – Afro-Natives Filmmakers’ Experience in the Native Community
When looking at the reactions of audiences to depictions of Afro-Natives in films, there can be a community disconnect.
JUNE 2022