FNFVF Inc Storefront Now Open

In an effort to raise funds for our two annual festivals, and for paying venue fees, screening fees, and to put funds towards bringing in Native directors, FNFVF Inc has launched several Tee Spring Campaigns to help raise funds for these endeavors.

Support FNFVF's Tee Spring Campaign!

Each campaign offered a custom-designed tee shirt or hoodie to purchase. A limited number need to be reserved for the campaign to “tip” and the shirts printed and sent to the buyer. (Shipping is included in the prices.)

We ask you to browse and help the First Nations Film and Video Festival as it readies for its upcoming Fall FNFVF taking place November 1 – 10, 2016 at various venues across Chicago. With your help, we can make the festival a bigger and better event for Native American Cinema.

Follow the link above or click the picture to visit the FNFVF inc Storefront!
(All purchases are tax-deductable. Save your receipts!)

Thank you for your years of support.