FNFVF, Inc. Hosts Blackfoot Filmmaker Cowboy Smithx

FNFVF, Inc. Hosts Blackfoot Filmmaker Cowboy Smithx

Chicago, IL) First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. and the Meztli Cultural Organization had the great honor of hosting Blackfoot filmmaker Cowboy Smith at the Citlalin Theater in Pilsen as part of his nationwide crowdfunding tour to gain support for his feature film “Pensive Times of an Urban Tribe”, a film about urban Natives.

The event took place on May 11th after a quick set-up. Cowboy was put in touch with FNFVF Director Ernest Whiteman III by another Native filmmaker and FNFVF contributor Missy Whiteman in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From there the FNFVF worked to secure a venue for Cowboy to present his project to the community.

“The Chicago community prides itself on supporting Native artists,” says Whiteman. In response to a call to the Native community, it was the Meztli Cultural Organization and its Director Gustavo Sanchez who out up the program very quickly. Sanchez said, “It is always an honor to present a Native perspective. It’s important.”

Local Native community members were on hand to hear Cowboy present some of his works, talk about his travels on this tour and about his upcoming feature project “Pensive Times of an Urban Tribe” which Cowboy continues to add to the screenplay as he meets more Urban Natives in his travels. Cowboy and his friend, photographer Blair Russell, who spoke on his own passion for photography have been traveling Canada and the United States for nearly two months, primarily through he generosity of the organizations and people they meet.

“The struggles make the trip a worthwhile experience,” said Cowboy.

First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. works hard to make sure that artists like Cowboy and Blair have their voices heard and is dedicated to promoting Native filmmakers like Cowboy and making sure general audiences learn about their works. Cowboy is panning to shoot “Pensive Times” later this year.

For more information on how to support Cowboy Smithx’s film visit his Fundweaver page.

(photos by EW3)