From the Director: Campaign Makes a Difference

We hope you support our latest TeeSpring campaigns, though we are a 501c3 non-profit institute we do not rely heavily on corporate, foundation, or government grants, because we feel that adhering to such funding, pushes us into a corporate structure that is adverse to our grassroots, social justice organizing.
FNFVF-T-SHIRT-PROOFWe rarely ask for donations, though donations are tax-deductible for donors, but we do accept them when given. You can make a donation, if you wish, on our website. Just click the DONATE button above and pay via PayPal. We will need to take stock in what we can accomplish before trying another Fundraiser event in the future, in the meantime, our TeeSpring Campaigns have been very easy for us to set up and you can get a great looking piece of apparel out of it.

Even if we do not secure funding, we STILL work hard to have our festivals because for almost our entire history, the FNFVF has operated in such a way. Our grassroots efforts are a reflection of our Native culture, and we are happy to do this for the Native directors out there who are not getting their films seen in any other capacity.

Any funds we receive goes directly to putting on the festival, either through paying film screening fees, or to pay for a venue to screen, or to pay for printing promotional items such as postcards, posters, and ad space. We do work hard to raise enough to bring in a visiting filmmaker though it does not always work out. So every bit we get does help.


I have never taken a salary for the work I have done in all my years of directing the festival, because I feel that the funding we do get is put to better use putting on the festivals. All of the work I do is voluntary because I believe so much in our mission to promote Native American filmmakers of all skill levels and to find them appropriate venues for their works. So, we hope you are able to help out. Thank you once again, for all of your support through all these year.

With respect,

Ernest M Whiteman III (Northern Arapaho)
FNFVF Inc. Director/Festival Director

New FNFVF Apparel Campaign through Dec. 1!

FNFVF-T-SHIRT-PROOFFirst Nations Film and Video Festival Inc is proud to offer two new apparel campaigns to help raise funding for our future festivals. While FNFVF Inc is non-profit 501c3, it is still a small grassroots group dedicated to organizing for social justice in media, mainly promoting Native American self-representation and first-voice in film.

By purchasing an FNFVF tee shirt or hoodie, the proceeds go directly to fund venue fees, screening fees, or incidental costs for the Spring and Fall 2016 film festivals, which take place annually in Chicago. Campaigns are active through December 1, 2015, so get yours early! They would make great gifts as well.

This year, we are featuring a new promo image, of a Native woman framing the Chicago skyline; it is a striking image and promotes the spirit of the First Nations Film and Video Festival. Tee shirts with our unique, original FNFVF logo may come up on sale again soon. So keep an eye out for those.

You can click this link to buy a new FNFVF shirt.

You can click this link to buy a new FNFVF hoodie.

So, purchase your tee shirt or hoodie today and help us bring Native American film to audiences here in Chicago. Want to help out without buying apparel? Simply click the Donate button on the lead page and you can donate any amount you wish.

We thank you for all of your years of support and we hope you can help us help Native filmmakers get their voices heard and their films screened.

Thank you.


Update: July 2015

cropped-cropped-cropped-FNFVF-NEW-BANNER-21.jpgApologies for the long bout without any new info. A lot has happened since our last FNFVF Board meeting in June. In the coming months we are looking to fill two vacancies on the the FNFVF Board so we can look at new directions for the festival, which includes expanding our Spring Festival, incorporating an annual fundraising event, and finding a new co-director, possibly, getting a whole new director.

If you are interested in serving on the FNFVF Board, please get in touch. Serving on the board means giving input to the director who runs day-to-day operations of the corporation  and festival.

We are also looking for an FNFVF Co-Director to take on the duties of planning and directing the FNFVF INC and the two annual First Nations Film and Video Festivals. This position can be done in concert with the current director but can possibly lead to being to sole director for future endeavors.

For more details get in touch with current Director Ernest M Whiteman III at to get a complete job description. Please note that Ernest Whiteman III’s efforts these past nine years have all been on a volunteer basis and while the position of the new co-director/director will start as a volunteer position, it can evolve into a paid position in coming years.

Due to the all that has happened, all of our fundraising plans for the fall are cancelled and any upcoming screening events are postponed as we look for new directions for the festival. The next FNFVF Board meeting takes place in September, if you are interested in serving please get in touch by August 15th.

More information will be forthcoming and will posted on all our social media sites and here on the official website. Thank you for your time and all of your support of the First Nations Film and Video Festival.

With respect,

Ernest M Whiteman III (Northern Arapaho)
Director, FNFVF INC.