Support Native American Cinema

We are a small non-profit that works hard to bring these films to our audiences in Chicago, Illinois and beyond.

There are many ways to support us and the filmmakers whom submit to the First Nations Film and Video Festival:

TEE SPRING: Get a great looking tee shirt or hoodie.

FACEBOOK Campaign to raise fund for our additional Educational Programs – “The Other 51%: Native American Women Directors”, as well as other media-related events and visiting filmmakers. GOAL: $2,000.

GoFundMe: We are also working to raise funds on GoFundMe. GOAL: $3,000

We will be putting additional stuff on sale very soon.

Remember, FNFVF Inc is a 503c3 Organization and any donation is tax-deductible.

PAY PAL: You can still support FNFVF Inc via PayPal by clicking the DONATE button here:

Always, thank you for your years of support.