FNFVF Spring 2017: Call for Entries Jan 15 – Feb 15!


First Nations Film and Video Festival Grows with Spring Festival
Laura Guzman (Stockbridge Munsee/Mexican); Photo property of FNFVF Inc.Chicago, Illinois) The First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. (FNFVF, Inc.) is announcing its annual Call for Entries for its Spring 2017 First Nations Film and Video Festival, taking place May 2 – 10, 2017. This spring’s festival marks a shift in venues and continues the growth it has seen int he past few years. Opening at the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center the festival features brand new films made by Native American Directors.

The Call for Entries opens January 15 and runs through February 15.  FNFVF Director Ernest M Whiteman III says, “We continue to get some very good films, many of which are never seen by the general public.”

The festival has two guidelines for submissions: it is open to any director enrolled in a Native American tribe or proven heritage of Native ancestry, and the submitted film must be made after January of 2012. “We have had many different types of films screen at the FNFVF, from the short comedy, to feature-length films, even experimental.”

The purpose of the First Nations Film and Video Festival is to support Native American filmmakers of all skill level, and to promote a contemporary representation of Native people in film and media.

“Speaking with our own voice and owning our own experiences as Native people will become more important in the coming years and the festival will serve as a place that Native people can expect to be represented accurately and for Native filmmakers can see their voice given spotlight,” adds Whiteman, who is a Northern Arapaho filmmaker and artist as well.

In addition to its two annual festivals, FNFVF Inc is working to produce a One Day Native American Pop Culture Convention, to present new and exciting ways that Native peoples can represent themselves in modern media. FNFVF Inc also offers an Educational Component for the classroom and event programming, which includes a presentation on Native Americans in media and screening of short films. The Education Program can be tailored to various-sized classrooms, public events, conference programming and more.

FNFVF also offers a roaming screening event which can be booked through the festival, entitled “The Other 51%: Native American Women Directors” this program showcases films directed by Native American women. To book either the Educational Program or “The Other 51%” feel free to visit the official website or use the CONTACT US option on the festival’s Facebook page at: “FNFVF.Inc”

All FNFVF Inc. programs are free and open to the public. Dedicated to providing an appropriate venue for the long-overlooked Native American voice in media since it began in 1990, the First Nations Film and Video Festival is the only festival that deals exclusively with Native American filmmakers of all skill levels. Visit the First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. web site’s APPLICATION PAGE  for the link to the online application or to download a .pdf version of our paper application, also for more information and to see times and film listings.

Contact Information:
Ernest M. Whiteman III
FNFVF Director
Facebook: FNFVF.Inc
Twitter: FNFVF_Dir_EW3