Laura Guzman (Stockbridge Munsee/Mexican); Photo property of FNFVF Inc.

Laura Guzman (Stockbridge Munsee/Mexican); Photo property of FNFVF Inc.

CHICAGO, IL) The Call for Entries is now open for First Nations Film and Video Festival Inc’s fall festival set to take place November 1st through the 10th, at venues across the Chicagoland area. The deadline for entries is September 15, 2016.

“We have seen a great number of entries in the past two festivals thanks to moving to an online platform,” says Ernest M Whiteman III, Director of FNFVF Inc. “The quality and variety of films seems to have increased as well and we are proud to showcase the little seen films right here in Chicago.

The First Nations Film and Video Festival has been screening Native-produced film in CHicago since 1990 and the outreach has never stopped. FNFVF Inc has several educational program they offer, usually free of charge, organizations, schools, and colleges. They offer “The Other 51%: Native American Women Directors” and educational screening on Native Americans Cinema that can tailored to fit any classroom or event. Contact the film festival for information on these programs.

“Interest in Native-directed films is growing” said Whiteman, who as a filmmaker himself, knows the difficulty in getting an independently-made film to the exhibition stage, “Growing media awareness of Natives still needs to grow to match the strides made in other communities. But the FNFVF is a film get like no other in that we are the regions largest Native film fest and we deal directly with the Native filmmakers themselves. It’s a point of pride.”

The guidelines for the FNFVF are as follows; open to Native directors only, and films of any genre or length are accepted if produced within the last five years.

“We hope to keep focusing on the Native voice behind the scenes with a contemporary depiction in front of the lens,” says Whiteman “it is important to show audience that Native Americans are still a part of today’s society.”

For more information and to access their festival application, visit the APPLICATION PAGE. You can access the online application at Film Freeway.

First Nations Film and Video Festival Inc is a 501c3, non-profit organization.


Ernst M Whiteman III
Director, FNFVF Inc.

FB: www.facebook.com/FNFVF.inc

FNFVF Inc Storefront Now Open

In an effort to raise funds for our two annual festivals, and for paying venue fees, screening fees, and to put funds towards bringing in Native directors, FNFVF Inc has launched several Tee Spring Campaigns to help raise funds for these endeavors.

Support FNFVF's Tee Spring Campaign!

Each campaign offered a custom-designed tee shirt or hoodie to purchase. A limited number need to be reserved for the campaign to “tip” and the shirts printed and sent to the buyer. (Shipping is included in the prices.)

We ask you to browse and help the First Nations Film and Video Festival as it readies for its upcoming Fall FNFVF taking place November 1 – 10, 2016 at various venues across Chicago. With your help, we can make the festival a bigger and better event for Native American Cinema.

Follow the link above or click the picture to visit the FNFVF inc Storefront!
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Thank you for your years of support.