From the Director: FNFVF Board Candidate Drive

cropped-cropped-FNFVF-Poster-small.jpgFROM THE “DESK” OF THE FNFVF DIRECTOR:
As the year comes to a close, we at FNFVF Inc would like to thank all of you for your support here on FB and at our events.
Now, we must close 2015 with a request, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization and as such, we have an FNFVF Board to oversee our business activities. However, in the past year, we have had a major shake up in our board as several members left, leaving FNFVF Inc with a three-person board. So, I am writing now to say we are drumming up a Candidates Drive. We are looking for 2 – 4 members to fill in vacant seats on our Board.
What is required:
Limited time for meetings: the board meets quarterly, 4 times a year for two (2) hours, including time for travel, say, 4 hours round trip, we are looking at 24 hours a year for meetings. Plus, the addition of any added hours in supporting the screening events, fundraising, and other activities as needed. You will help guide the festival in creating new screening opportunities, and possible future fundraising efforts. (No grant writing!)
A dedication to the Guidelines of the festival: We have the guidelines we have in place for a simple reason, we have no vetting committee and we leave it up to the Native Film Directors themselves to vet their own film in their submissions. There is a deeper philosophical reason for our guidelines but that can be a discussion had with any potential candidates.
Be a Chicagoland Resident: We have venues in Evanston and Beverly and all points in-between and our Board should reflect that. We ask for candidates from Chicago and its suburbs so we can have our quarterly meetings on a regular schedule.
That is it.
We are scheduled to meet on Saturday, January 9th, possibly in Pilsen, specifically to discuss our board situation. As stated, we are operating with the minimum number and the current board’s term ends on June 30. If we cannot find replacements for the 4 vacant seats before then, we will have no way of updating our Bylaws and Guidelines, or replacing the Director, if needed.
If we do not fill the vacant seats and if only one of the current member chooses not to renew their seat, we will have to move to dissolve the corporation; FNFVF Inc will be no more.
But that will not be the end of the festival. We operated as a grassroots organization for well over 10 years, building our audiences and venues with each year. When we incorporated we essentially had to start over with new rules placed on our operations.
We would like to fill those vacant seats and keep FNFVF Inc going for many more years.
Our structure is small, the Director is only non-Board position. It has been non-paying and voluntary for all the years I have been Director. We are looking to expand in terms of securing more venues. The new online application has assured us an increase in submissions than in prior years. As for opening up more paying positions within the organization, we hope to discuss any ideas in the future. But we would need to stay a corporation.
So, if you are interested in serving the national Native American film community here in Chicago, please email me at for details and to set up a face-to-face meet up about the festival. We hope to here from you soon.
Once again, thank you for your support over the years.
With respect,
Ernest M Whiteman III