FNFVF Friend: Siskel to screen Mi’kmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby’s film

RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS to Screen at Siskel Center
From the Siskel Center Website:

rhymesthumb“Native American director Barnaby (Mi’kmaq*) makes an audacious debut with this eerie revenge drama steeped in raw poetry and set in motion by the violent meeting of tribal myth with pop culture iconography. The story is set in 1976 on the fictional Red Crow Reservation, where 15-year-old Alia (newcomer Jacobs in a riveting performance), a wily truant from the government’s residential school, is a virtual orphan in the wake of her alcoholic mother’s suicide and her father’s imprisonment. Powerful as the tribe’s self-made pot-dealing drug queen, she draws the white-hot rage of the community’s corrupt Indian Agent. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Jeff Barnaby will be present for audience discussion on Friday (Nov 7*).”

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