UPDATE: FNFVF Fundraiser – October 12, 2013

FNFVF Fundraiser 2013

Citlalin Gallery & Theater
2005 South Blue Island Avenue

The first annual FNFVF Fundraiser to benefit the fall and spring festivals is taking place on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

Doors open at 6:00pm and there is a $10 admission.

Program begins at 7:00pm with an opening drum song by Mr. Dave Spencer, new FNFVF Board Member.

Look for performances by:

Riaz Viva

Saint Mike!

Join us for food, art, music, film, raffles and auctions with host emcee Josie Dykas.

For more information:

Ernest M. Whiteman III, FNFVF Director – ernest-3@fnfvf.org
Gustavo Sanchez, Meztli Director, FNFVF Board Member – meztlicinema@yahoo.com

Or call: 312-480-1096