Thanks from a grateful FNFVF, Inc.

The new FNFVF, Inc. Logo!The first ever FNFVF Fundraiser was a great success! So many people and friends showed up. I am certainly proud of our efforts and am looking forward to future endeavors. There are so many people to thank. First of all, great thanks go to all who donated an item to be auctioned or raffled:

With thanks to Alaka Wali and the Field Museum, Arturo Castro and the University of Mexico (UNAM), Beckie Stocchetti and Chicago Filmmakers, The Landmark Cinemas, The Music Box Theater, Allen Turner and Ehdrigohr, Darlene Ortiz, Christine Redcloud, Alfonso “Pilotos” Ruez, Karen Redford, Bonnie Barnes, Jef Maldonado, Laura Barron, Karina Aragon and Sharon Gissy for their support in our fundraising efforts and most especially, Jonathan Medrano and Susana Aquilar for the food!

To our DJ, Jimmy Becker who kept folks on their feet with your great selections and to  our audio engineer, both of you handled all our audio issues with aplomb and a smoothness that made it seem like it was all too easy. To Mike Marin and Allen Turner for helping support the film.


Thanks go out to the performers:
Firstly, to Josie Dykas for being our Emcee, you kept things light and lively as you ever do. Thanks go to Dave Spencer for his opening song. Your voice continues to awe me my friend. Many thanks go to the members of Nahui Ollin for their dance and prayer offer. Seeing your young ones up there with you inspires us still. Raiz Viva, you guys blew the roof off the joint. What more can I say about these guys? For the attendees who missed them, missed something special and your music is truly a unique creation. Thanks for coming and supporting our cause.

To the FNFVF Board for coming through and putting it together.

Lastly, thank you to all our attendees, for your support of our festival and of our event. We work hard to bring you the films we show every year and to see so many folks out in support so that we can continue is a true inspiration. Thank you all.

Humbly submitted,
Ernest M. Whiteman III, Director, FNFVF, Inc.

PS: Picture to follow….