Scenes from the Spring 2013 FNFVF!

The Spring 2013 FNFVF has come and gone and we have so many people to thank!

Firstly, the filmmakers without whom we would not have a program to present: Marcel Fayant, Valorie Hughes,Dawn Karima and Kirk Dapo, Steven Davies, Lucas Rowley, Rod Pocowatchit (Your films were a hit!) and Missy Whiteman. Thank you for sharing you visions and hard work with the people of Chicago.

Next, the venues and the folks that helped bring the programs to fruition: Beckie Stocchetti and the good folks at Chicago Filmmakers, Jonathan Moeller, Nora Ferstead, Dan and Rick at the Beverly Arts Center, and Gene Greene at Wheaton College. Thank you all for helping our small film festival reach out to the people across Chicago and beyond and give audiences a chance to see film that play no where else.

A big thank you goes to stalwart venues: thank you to Jane Stevens and Doug Stapleton at the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, your dedication to presenting a first-voice Native perspective to your constituents is gratefully acknowledged. We hope to be there again for many years to come. Large thanks goes to the One Man Band: Gustavo Sanchez of the Meztli Cultural Organization, your hard work, dedication to our mission and friendship only serves to inspire the FNFVF more in its own work. Thank you all.

Lastly, a large, large, super THANK YOU goes out to the audiences at each and every venue! We saw some numbers climb at some of the venues! Without you we have no festival. Your interest in contemporary Native American culture and self-representation in media is inspiring and keeps us ready to bring you more.

We hope to see all of you again in the fall, November 2013!

For now, here are some images from the Spring 2013 First Nations Film and Video Festival:


Thank you all for your support.

The FNFVF will return!

Now, back to work on the Fall 2013 fest…. (whew!)