Our New Educational Component!

First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. is pleased announce the introduction of a new educational component of the film festival. For years, artists and producers have allowed the FNFVF to maintain their films and videos in the FNFVF Archive in which they agreed to future educational screenings of their works to promote Native American first-voice and self-representation in media. Recently, the FNFVF acquired some public performance rights to a couple of popular Native-produced films, which allows for free, educational screenings.

Now, First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. offers to bring Native-produced films and videos to your classroom or organizational presentations free of charge to help promote contemporary Native American culture and society in the classrooms and colleges of Chicago. FNFVF, Inc. has over 10 years of archived films and videos available for presentation screenings as part of a classroom curriculum or as part of ethnic studies presentations.

FNFVF Inc. has a wide range of films and video to fit all classrooms. We will have a list of films available by grade and content and we will bring them to your class or event for screening and can lead in discussions or questions and answers about Native Americans in media. FNFVF Inc. can tailor programs to any class period or time length to suit your needs. If you wish for the First Nations Film and Video Festival to come to your classroom or presentation, feel free to contact FNFVF Director Ernest M. Whiteman III at ernest-3@fnfvf.org.

We look forward to helping you teach your students or colleagues about contemporary Native American culture and society. Contact us today!

Ernest M. Whiteman III, FNFVF Director